KEBA Synthetic Roofing Tile - Outstanding Features

Performance Feature 

1、 Excellent Weather Resistance 

KEBA synthetic roofing tile has incredible durability in the natural environment, even if it is long exposed to the UV radiation, sunlight, humidity, cold and heat and other harsh environment, it can still maintain the stability of color and physical properties. KEBA synthetic roofing tile have passed the aging tests, its lifetime can up to 45 years. KEBA synthetic roofing tile won’t be crisp when meet cold weather, and won’t be soft when exposed to heat, with wide temperature range from -40 ℃ to 200 ℃. 

2、 Good Sound Insulation 

Phoneme determination experiments showed that when subjected to heavy rain, hail, strong winds, and external noise, KEBA synthetic roofing tile can well absorb noise and reduce the noise. 

3、 Excellent Insulation Effect 

The thermal conductivity of KEBA synthetic roofing tile is 0.325W/mk, a third of clay tile, one fifth of thick cement tile, 1/2000 of 0.5mm thickness color steel tile. Without considering adding insulation, the thermal insulation property of KEBA synthetic roofing tile is good enough. 

4、 Low Temperature Resistance, Impact Resistance 

Under the low temperature (-40℃) freezing and thawing cycle conditions, through the falling ball impact testing, a kilogram steel ball free falling from 1 meter height, no fragmentation on the tile; Under a normal temperature (23±2℃), through the falling ball impact test, a kilogram steel ball free falling from 3 meter height, no crack or hole on the surface of the tile. 

5、 Outstanding Corrosion Resistance 

KEBA synthetic roofing tile has excellent corrosion resistance as it will not be eroded by rain and snow, and can long-term resist the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt and other chemical substances. Experiments show that in the solution of 40% NaOH, 40% H2SO4, and immersed for 24 hours, the product will not be deformed or discolored. Various micro-organisms cannot survive on the surface of the tile. 

6、 Volume Stability 

Expansion coefficient of KEBA synthetic roofing tile is 4.93x10-5/℃, as the shape of tile has biaxial tensile property, even the temperature varies widely, the tile would be flexible, and can ensure the physical dimension of the tile would not be changed.

7、Fire Resistance 

KEBA synthetic roofing tile itself is flame retardant material, tested fire resistance level is B1. 

8、Light Weight 

KEBA synthetic roofing tile is lightweight structural material, 9.0Kg/㎡, Effectively reduce the load of the building, improve the safety, light steel roofing is very suitable for the development of new housing and the renovation of old buildings. While facilitating handling and construction, saving shipping cost, reducing construction cost and improving earthquake levels. 

9、Self-clean Characteristic

KEBA Synthetic roofing tile has smooth and compact surface, hard to hold dust, once the rain washed, would not accumulate dirt. 

10、Easy to Install 

Using KEBA synthetic roofing tile will be more efficient, with simple installation process, complete accessories, time-saving and work-saving.